Offering a hydroseeding service to your company is beneficial to you and your customers. For the contractor it offers a better alternative to other types of seeding with a better product and better margins. It results in happy customers because they end up with a better product that they do not have to take care of as much. So, when you decide that you want to purchase a hydroseeder, the next step is deciding what size would fit your needs. The size you choose is going to be based on how much hydroseeding you plan to do in the future, and what equipment you have to haul the hydroseeder and supplies to the job site.

If your plan is to start small and do jobs under 5,000 square feet, our 110 JAH and 200 JAH models are the most affordable and easiest to put into the back of a truck or on a Toolcat. These units are perfect if you are thinking about getting into hydroseeding but do not want to spend the money for a bigger machine. For touch up jobs these two units have the ability to seed 1,000-1,200 square feet, and 2,000-2,400 square feet.

Our next two sizes up are our 300 JAH and 400 JAH. If you are doing a new residential yard or jobs that are 5,000-15,000 square feet or larger then these units are a good fit. These two units are very versatile and can handle the little jobs and with the right water source can handle jobs up to an acre. The 300 JAH covers about 3,000-3,600 square feet per tank, and the 400 JAH can cover 4,000-4,800 square feet per tank.

Our bigger series of units come in 500, 750, and 1000 gallon models. If you want to make hydroseeding a big part of your business than one of these models is suited for you. When doing jobs that are 15,000 square feet and up you do not want to be constantly filling the tank with water and mixing more loads. These models allow you to spray anywhere from 5,000-12,000 square feet per tank depending on which size you choose. This will mean less time spent waiting for the machine to fill with water and mixing another batch, and more time spent spraying and covering more ground.

The point to take away from this is that you can always mix more loads if you have a smaller tank, but choosing the right size to fit your needs can actually be more cost effective in the long run because your labor costs will be reduced.


Written by Jordan Smith

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