We just released a new product this week that is a blend of our favorite fertilizer and tackifier. We want to make the whole hydroseeding process as simple as possible for our customers so we worked with our friends at Ramy Turf to make a blend tailored to the users of our machines. Having 1-2 Punch makes adding ingredients easy, you only have to bring one bucket of ingredients and do not have to measure out different quantities. With the included scoop all you need to do is put in one scoop per 100 gallons. If you buy a bucket from us it has enough to do 2 acres of hydroseeding, but smaller quantities are also available.

The fertilizer is water soluble and is 8.57-25.1-5.1. This is the fertilizer we recommend for our machines and is a great starter fertilizer. The tackifier is a premium polyacrylamide and acts as a lubricant for the system and provides erosion control while your seed germinates.

From now until May 1 we are including your first 5 loads of 1-2 Punch for free when you buy one of our hydroseeders. We are confident that this product will make adding ingredients easy and give you a great finished product!

Written by Jordan Smith

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