When looking at hydroseeders there are plenty of options on the market. Finding a hydroseeder that fits your needs is crucial to reduce headaches and increase productivity in the future. Our machines have been field tested by a landscaping company, have hydroseeded and have been put through almost any situation that can come up. With the feedback from employees who used the products everyday we came up with a design that is incredibly user friendly, easy to maintain, and very adaptable.

The first thing to look at when buying a hydroseeder is the quality and longevity of the unit. Our skid designs are the most versatile on the market. With many different ways to lift and mount the units they are sure to fit your needs. Our fork tubes are fully welded and made from square tubing instead of holes cut in existing supports. Our skids are bead blasted, epoxy primed, then powder coated for a long lasting finish. All of our components used for the pluming are either poly or stainless steel so there is no worrying about corrosion in the parts or pump.

We use Honda engines on our units and all our engines come with a 3 year commercial warranty. We warranty our pumps for one year and the rest of the parts for 3 years for any failure under normal operation.

The Second thing to look at is how to fill the unit. Our units have 3 different ways to put water in the tank. The first way is to use the garden hose fill on the top of the unit. The most common way to fill at a residential job site is to use the faucet on the house. Our units include a female camlock that you can attach to a garden hose which locks on to a male camlock on the machine, that way you do not have to worry about your hose falling out if you want to do something else while the machine fills.

The second and third ways to fill it are to use the pond suction feature (upgrade on 110 JAH and 200 JAH). This allows the user to attach a 2" hose to the suction side of the pump and either fill from a hydrant or suck from a water source near the job. These different options give you the advantage of saving time depending on water source availible.

The third thing you want to look at is how the agitation performs. Our 110 JAH and 200 JAH units have 2, 1 1/4" agitation lines in the tank. This provides plenty of agitation in the tank to mix a nice thick slurry. Our smaller units are able to mix a batch in 3-6 minutes giving you less downtime. Our 300 JAH and 400 JAH units have 3, 1 1/4" agitation lines in the tank. With the 3" Hypro pump attached these provide excellent agitation inside the tank. Our 500 JAH models and up have 3, 2" agitation lines and 1, 1" agitation line that is always on and acts as a bypass for the pump. These provide incredible agitation in the tank and really create the rolling effect.

We also equip our 300 JAH and up models with a bale buster feature towards the top of the tank. If there is any floating clumps of mulch or seed on the top of the slurry this will break them up and force them down into the slurry.

The final thing to think about is ease of use while spraying. All of our hose are camlocked so it is easy to drop and add hoses while doing a job. Reducing the number of hoses hooked up gives you more pressure out the gun for further spray distances. Our guns are camlocked so they are easy to take on and off of the hoses. Every gun comes standard with a swivel so it is easier to control and you do not have to twist your hose and fight against that pressure. All of the tips that are offered are camlocked so it is easy to switch tips on the fly with no threading. We offer different tips based on different situations you might come across. Some tips are better suited for open areas while others are suited for cutting around sidewalks and landscaping.

This post could go on for pages and more information will be added to our website in the future, but if you have any questions feel free to give us a call or email.


Written by Jordan Smith

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