One of the questions we get asked frequently is what type of seed is ran in our hydroseeders. Basically any type of grass seed can be applied with our hydroseeders, along with wildflower mixes and even oats. We recommend that when seeding a lawn or a commercial job that you use 5-10% annual rye seed in your mix. This will germinate and sprout faster then the other seed and hold the soil in place while the other seed in the mix has time to germinate. This will also make the customers happy by providing some green ground cover in as little as 3-5 days. Be careful of adding too much annual rye though, because it will overtake the seed you want to take over.

We have ran fescue, bluegrass, rye, wild flower mixes, hillside mixes, and oats in our machines with great results. With the various seed types different erosion control jobs can be accomplished by picking the right seed for the job. If you need help deciding which seed to use you can contact us and we can help you or your local supplier can give you good advice on what to use in certain situations.

Written by Jordan Smith

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