VSI has a great new hydroseed additive that replaces our previous 1-2 Punch product. While 1-2 punch was a nice budget friendly additive, this is a premium liquid additive that will give premium results for less than one cent per sq ft for your nutrient and tackifier package.

This premium blend includes a premium package of liquid fertilizer, 17-6-2, at a much higher concentration than our 1-2 punch to easily achieve the desired ½ lb of nitrogen per 1000 sq ft in the maximum dose. Secondary nutrients include Sulfur and Magnesium. Chelated Micronutrients include Zinc, Iron, Copper and Manganese.
The blend also includes Accomplish LM and Prologue which are catalysts that help with the availability and uptake of the nutrients being applied and the nutrients available in the native soil. The blend also has Organic Acid (humic acid) which helps keep all nutrients in available form for the seed. 

This blend uses 2 different catalyst products to make phosphorus more available and not tied up. This will also allow the NP&K and all micronutrients to be available longer. The organic acid (or Humic Acid) in the blend helps keep nutrients in available form for the crop, as well as making nutrients already in the soil available for the crop. This blend has a great balance of major and micronutrients which has proven to drive root growth and top growth. The ratio of Nitrogen to Sulfur is 15/1, this will help with color and growth. 

Finally this blend includes a quality polyacrylamide (PAM) flocculating soil stabilizer/tackifier. This offers temporary erosion control while your grass roots and grows as well as improving shooting distance of the hydraulic mulch slurry due to a decrease in friction. It also increases the water holding capacity of the slurry, enhances suspension of seed and fertilizer as well as improves water infiltration into the seedbed. 

The blend will be added to your hydroseeder at a maximum rate of 30 ounces per 100 gallons (1000 sq ft) to achieve premium results in insufficient soil or on slopes. In quality soil or typical flat soil conditions, 15 ounces per 100 gallons (1000 sq ft) will achieve premium results.

Written by Jordan Smith

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