We often get asked “How do I price out liquid’s on my bids for customers”. The simple answer is, the same as you would price out salting. If you are charging per application, keep that per application price for liquids. Liquids will be less expensive to apply than granular product will, but that does NOT mean you need to charge less.

Think about it.. You will be providing your customer with better results, cleaner lots, cleaner sidewalks, less corrosion, less freeze thaw damage and the list goes on and on.. Heck, you can charge more for liquids once they see all of the benefits!

If you need help getting started with pricing or checking your pricing, we have made this neat Excel spreadsheet that helps you calculate your gross margin on liquid apps based on your input costs.

Check it out here: Liquid De-Icing Price Calculator

If you want help setting up your liquid program, contact us today! Liquids are a major game changer.  From salt savings, to quality of service increase, to better longevity of equipment and better margins.. We have been using only liquids in our commercial snow and ice management business for 10 years, and we can help you do the same!

Written by Jordan Smith

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