Two of the most common questions we get are “What kind of mulch should I run in my Jet Agitated Hydroseeder?” followed up by “Where do I get it?”.

Good news, we can help!

If you don’t like reading, check out the video version here:

First and foremost we strongly suggest using paper (cellulose) and/or corn fiber mulches in our hydroseeders. These mulches mix well in a jet system whereas wood based hydro mulches tend to float and do not easily mix in a jet agitated system. Do wood/cellulose blends work in our systems? Yes. But they will mix much slower and be more prone to clogging than if you were to use paper or corn fiber mulches.

Some common options that are available throughout the US include

-Lesco Seed Starter 3 Mulch, which is corn fiber based pellets

-Green Choice EZ Jet Mix which is more of a ground up blend of corn fiber, paper fiber and poly fibers. Mixes faster than pellet form because its already shredded apart! 

-Green Choice EZ Mulch Advanced formula which is a blend of paper and corn fiber in pellet form.
-Edge Earthguard Pellets, which is a pellet form mulch similar to EZ Mulch, but with the patented EarthGuard soil stabilizer integrated with it, allowing you to cover and protect slopes and washout prone areas unlike any other paper or corn fiber based product on the market. We are excited about this one from LSC Environmental.

Lesco Products can be easily found at SiteOne Landscape Supply locations which are nationwide. They also will dropship products almost anywhere if your nearest location is too far away. To find your nearest SiteOne, use this tool on their website:

Green Choice Products are made by LSC Environmental Products (formerly Phoenix Paper Products). They can be found nationwide at seed, erosion control and landscape supply yards. LSC Environmental is working on getting a nationwide list of dealers/distributors for us to publish, and we will do so as soon as we get it. In the meantime, you can contact them to get that information-

We hope this helps you solve your mulch sourcing and selection woes, give us a call or shoot us a message to chat more about what Hydroseeding can do for your business!

Written by Jordan Smith

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