An investment in a hydroseeder is one of the single most versatile and profitable investments you can make in your business. This is not an opinion, the numbers tell the true story. 

Oftentimes you can fully recover your investment in a little as 2 outings with your hydroseeder. If running these numbers is intimidating for you, we can help. Checkout the calculators on our website to not only find your return on investment in your hydroseeder, but also help you calculate materials needed for your jobs so you can properly price your work.

The link to our ROI calculator is here:
The link to our materials calculator is here:

For even more in depth analysis and for a graph comparison of ROI on each of our hydroseed models, 110 JAH, 200 JAH and 400 JAH, download the excel spreadsheet. There is also a video going over the use of this spreadsheet and the website calculators here:

Our line of jet agitated hydroseeders are great entry level machines, but they are not only for entry level contractors. For niche type jobs where there might be tight access or the need to haul a hydroseeder in the back of a UTV, Toolcat or small pickup, our 110 and 200 gallon models are invaluable. For contractors doing smaller projects, our 400 JAH is very budget friendly and will mix a thick slurry that covers alot of ground.

Most of our customers also use their hydroseeders for other things, such as sod and plant watering on new construction jobs, dust control on construction sites, washing out undercarriages on tracked equipment and so much more. The feedback we get from VSI customers is that they use their hydroseeders multiple times per week, not only for hydroseeding but for the aforementioned tasks and so much more.

Think a hydroseeder might be a good fit for your business? Give us a call or send us a message and we would love to chat more and answer your specific questions!
Written by Jordan Smith

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