400 Gallon Jet Agitated Hydroseeder

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*Due to the acquisition of VSI by BOSS Snowplow, VSI hydroseeders are not available for the current season.  Please check back periodically for updates.


The VSI 400 JAH is the largest hydroseeder we offer.  It will fit in the back of a long bed pickup truck with the tailgate closed or sideways on a standard 8’ flatbed or flatbed trailer.  This unit is capable of hydroseeding between 4,000-4,800 sq ft per load.

  • Hydroseed Gun
  • Three 50’ hose sections with camlock connectors
  • 1 ¼” spray tip
  • 1” spray tip
  • Cannon tip
  • Two 2.5 gallon jugs of TKO
  • Fork pockets allow for easy moving with a forklift or skid steer
  • Standard bead blasted, epoxy primed and powder coated skid
  • Chain/strap mounts for easy tie down
  • Honda GX390 electric start, mated to a 3" Hypro Poly Pump 
  • All fittings are flanged and all hose connections are cam locked for easy removal and assembly
  • Standard pond suction feature allows unit to self fill without the use of an auxiliary pump. 
  • Swivel on spray gun means your hoses won’t twist or kink as much or fight against you while pulling them along.
Length (Inches) Width (Inches) Height (Inches)
90 31 (Skid) 58
Engine Pump Max Hose Weight (Unloaded) Weight (Loaded)
GX390 Honda 3" Hypro Poly 200-250ft 710 lbs 3990 lbs
54 PSI, 484 GPM
Capacity Coverage Mulch (lbs) Seed (lbs) TKO
Mix Time
400 Gallons 4000-4800 Square Feet 160-200 20-28 60-120oz
5-7 Minutes

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