Stainless Steel Brine Maker 2019 Model

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Financing as low as $329/mo Fill out the application through ACG Equipment Finance and enter promo code summer 2020 in the Equipment Description box on the application to apply for financing. Contact us for a shipping quote.  Free pickup at our location in Southern Minnesota. The units on this page are exclusive to our Summer 2020 sale.  The Summer sale Stainless Steel Brine Maker comes with the following features: *Does not come with electronic salinity indicator Standard Features
  • 220 Single Phase 5HP Electric Motor: Provides plenty of power to spin the 2” Banjo pump that it is paired to. Pump is self priming so drawing from storage tanks is a breeze. This motor lets you keep the shop air clean and is quiet enough to have a conversation next to it. Honda gas pump is also available.
  • Ability to make 3,000 gallons of brine per hour: With the right water source this brine maker is able to keep up with a decent size operation. If you have a low flow water source a water storage tank with a float valve can help decrease your production time. We designed them as a batch system so the top tank stays full of salt, and the user keeps batching out the bottom tank to a storage tank.
  • Full tube fork pockets: Easy to maneuver both pieces with fork pockets that can be accessed from the front or the back. If you need to move your brine maker you can be confident it will be a breeze.
  • Stainless Construction: Brine Maker and Batch Tank are both made from Stainless Steel for long lasting performance and corrosion resistance.
  • Built in filter: Filters the brine from the brine maker and storage tanks going to the sprayer. Any debris in the salt or animals that may end up in the brine maker will be caught in the filter.
  • Air Purge: Uses compressed air to clear the loading hose of product before you disconnect the the hose from the sprayer. Almost no wasted product and keeps the equipment and floor cleaner.
  • Manifold System: A set of connections and valves so you can load and draw from storage tanks, draw from your additive tanks, and draw from your water storage tank. Comes with 3 connections for any variety of liquids.