Metal Pless MaxxPro HD Edge

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The Metal Pless MaxxPro HD Edge is the ultimate snow removal tool.  It is an industrial snow plow with hydraulic wings and power angle system.  The MaxxPro is installed on a wheel loader.

Sizes can be found using the dropdown menu below.  When reading plow sizes, the first two digits represent the width of the moldboard in feet, the next two digits represent the height of the moldboard in inches, and the last two numbers represent the entire width of the plow with the wings pointed outward in feet.

  • SOFT drive mechanical steel trip edge "Heavy duty" multi-section ¾’’ x 6’’ x 24"
  • SOFT drive mechanical steel trip edge on the wings
  • Heavy duty hydraulic cylinders for maximum strength
  • Self-leveling skid shoes on the wings made of CHT400 steel
  • 180° multiple hydraulic side wing positions
  • Side wings made of "Heavy duty" steel CHT400
  • 3 adjustable crossover relief valves for hydraulic protection on the side wings and power angle system
  • Lateral floating of the blade
  • Skid shoes (CHT400 steel) mounted on the back of the cutting edge (HD)
  • Female quick attach (to be specified)
  • Curb runners
  • Valve and Joystick 3 functions
  • Baked powder paint
  • This system requires 1 set of oil outlets