MaxxPro HD Shoes

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Measure the length of your shoe (example in image) and match it to the following chart.  Measurements may vary slightly.

36 9/16" Shoe Length:  Fits on 36" Wing

46 13/16" Shoe Length:  Fits on 48" Wing

58 3/4" Shoe Length:  Fits on a 60" Wing

64 1/4" Shoe Length:  Fits on a 66" Wing

48 3/16" Shoe Length:  Fits on a 96" Wing (Van Wing) INSIDE SHOE

46 7/16" Shoe Length:  Fits on a 96" Wing (Van Wing) OUTSIDE SHOE

When you buy shoes for a 96" wing, you will be getting both the inside and outside shoe.  If you are in a situation where you need one or the other, call us directly.

Wing Size
Left or Right