One of the things that we take great pride in is our custom work. Whether you need a special purpose sprayer, or want to modify one of our existing sprayers, we will make your dreams a reality. A few of the builds that we have done for customers are:

  • Fire Suppression Units
  • Herbicide Sprayers
  • Hydroseeders that are also De-icers
  • Custom built De-icing Sprayers
  • Compost Sprayers
  • Dust Suppression Sprayers
  • Aviation De-Icing Sprayers
  • Hydrated Lyme Sprayers

Whether you are a homeowner who wants a hydroseeder with a few tweaks to turn it into a weed control sprayer, or if you are a commercial contractor who wants to de-ice 30 acres in one tank, we can build a unit to fit your needs. Unfortunately we have not taken the time to take pictures of all the custom work but here is a small list of examples of builds we have done in the past. Contact us today to have your build be the next one on the site!


This trailer model was for a customer with multiple turkey farms. They were using an old mechanically agitated hydroseeder to spread lime on parking lots by hand to prevent the spread of disease. The old hydroseeder did okay but was leaking everywhere and the tank was rusting though. The design that we came up with is loaded with features so the application process is a lot easier, faster, and more accurate. This design has:

  • Custom made trailer with low profile axles to meet height requirements
  • Front platform for holding pallets of product
  • Turret and hand cannon locations on both sides
  • Powered by a Honda GX690 with a 4" cast pump
  • 3-Lane boom on the back with GPS rate control for precise application
  • Chute for loading product into the tank
  • Extendable arm for lifting the hose over chain link fences
  • Electric rewind hose reel
  • Full light kit for spraying and backing the trailer up at night, strobes on the back

Side view of hydrated lyme sprayerBack view of hydrated lyme sprayerSide view of hydrated lyme sprayerExtendable arm of hydrated lyme sprayerFront view of hydrated lyme sprayerFront view of hydrated lyme sprayer



This was a herbicide sprayer for a municipal parks department. The customer wanted to be able to spray out both sides and the middle of the Mule. He wanted a spray gun with 25' of hose for up close patch work. And a cannon by the drivers seat for long distance spot spraying. This build is easily removed by taking off a few bolts and taking apart a few electrical connections. One cool thing about this build was all three boom sections are controlled by a wireless key fob so it is easy to turn sections on and off. See the video of it in action below.

This build is a stainless steel 1800 Gallon Brine Maker for a military base on the east coast. All the great features of our regular brine maker without the risk of rust over time.

One of the local airports was hosting more airplane traffic during the superbowl and their current de-icer could not keep up as it was only 60 gallons and took hours to heat up the liquid inside. So they came to us to see what we could do for them and we were able to make them a 300 gallon aviation de-icer. With the ability to self fill and pump out this unit is able to fill from their storage tanks easily. There is a bypass in the system so they don't have to worry about deadheading the pump. With massive fuel tanks they don't have to worry about filling up each storm. With a flowmeter installed in line they are able to bill and track their usage accurately. The burner that is on the unit is capable to heating the liquid up to 210*F and is user adjustable. With 60' of hose they have plenty to do the planes that frequent that airport.

This is a trailer mounted 750 Gallon Hydroseeder. The trailer is nice and compact for easy maneuverability. With a full walk-able platform on the top it makes loading and spraying out the turrets a breeze. With 2 turret locations on the top and 2 hand cannon locations on the bottom you are able to cover each side with ease. A swinging door on the back makes for easy loading of mulch and a lift off grate for the lid allows the platform to be flat. Watch the video of it in action below.

These 110 LP de-icing sprayers were also outfitted with the equipment to make them dust suppression sprayers in the summer so they can be used year round. With the new laws in Canada a municipality needed to keep the dust down in front of their brooms in the summer, so we came up with a solution with low output tips that make the tank last up to an hour.

Here is a custom 750 Brine Maker built for our sister company Valley Landscape Supply. We mounted a 500 gallon tank on the bottom for larger batch capacity, and put two pumps on the unit for quicker mix times and to load trucks twice as fast. This unit has the same features on both pumps as our regular 750 Brine Makers so they are easily able to tie into their water and storage tanks. They were seeing mix times as low as 5 minutes to batch out the 500 gallon tank on the bottom.

 This is a Fire Suppression unit built for a department on the east coast. It is a very simple unit that is able to be brought to even the hardest to get areas. With a valve for the bypass they are able to easily chose how much pressure they need out the gun.

This build was for an asphalt company that uses their dump trucks to salt in the winter. This is a 2010 gallon tank with a custom skid underneath it that locks into the dog ears of the truck. It is a full 3 lane, GPS controlled, set up with the option to turn off one of the side valves on each side for better pre-treatment performance. With 2 fill points it cuts the load time of the unit in half, and at 50 gallons an acre pre-treat they are able to cover 40 acres on one tank.

This is a 200 gallon side mount sprayer for a customer who wanted to treat with rock salt as well. We worked with his measurements on the skid are were able to give him 200 gallons of brine to use as well. This unit has all the same features as our bigger sprayers in a smaller package with a 300ft electric rewind hose reel.

This is a custom 1000 Gallon De-Icing sprayer for a customer that wanted a high visibility option for a truck that they use with a flatbed for mowing in the summer. With a custom frame underneath it with integrated mud flaps and easy on and off. This unit is powered by the hydraulics on the truck so there is no worrying about running out of gas. This sprayer has all the features of our regular 1000 ASM with the GPS rate control, 3-Lane Boom, and 300' Electric Rewind hose reel. This sprayer is capable of anti-icing/De-icing 20 acres pre-treat and 10 acres post-treat.

This build is the platform upgrade that we offer on the 750 Gallon Hydroseeders. This upgrade includes a Staircase to the top with Perfogrip steps for good traction in any condition. Two turret locations that you can easily switch the cannon between. A swinging gate for easily loading mulch. A flush surface on the top for ease of maneuverability. Check out the video below for more details.