VSI Bluetooth Connected Unit
If you haven’t already seen our wireless app based spray system technology released in 2020, you have to check it out! A detailed video overview can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXz7ZN6bgcA&t

So why is wireless and smart phone based technology such a big deal? There are alot of reasons!

1. Wireless technology means that install of your spray unit in your truck is as simple as setting it in and strapping it down. No wiring harnesses to run and no controllers to mount in the cab of the truck.

This means if a truck breaks down you can quickly and easily move the sprayer to another truck.
This also means if you need to switch between salting and spraying on a truck with an under tailgate spreader, you simply can lift the sprayer out, load with salt and start salting, or vice versa!

2. App based technology means that your spray data lives where the world operates,  in the cloud! All of the spray data including location (latitude/longitude), time, temperature, gallons applied on lots, gallons applied with the hose reel on sidewalks, average application rate and more are all tracked on the smartphone application and can then be emailed to a manager or set to be synced up with whatever app or platform your business uses. 

  1. Wireless and app based technology gives us a tremendous advantage and opportunity to constantly improve and add features to our systems. If we find a glitch or bug, we can fix it and re-flash your equipment. If we need to remotely troubleshoot, we can do that.
    Think of it as the Tesla of de-icing equipment.. As updates and improvements come to light, they will be downloaded by WiFi to your unit.
    If you desire an upgrade you didn’t initially purchase, we can likely add it later. 

  1. The integration of other devices is now possible as well.. Future potential includes geo-fences where certain accounts and clients can be assigned pre-set application rates. Or even on a micro-level, if the North side of the building requires more product application than the front, this could be automated and pre-set by the use of geo-fences. When the spray rig enters a specified geo-fence it automatically adjusts the application rate to meet the parameters.
    Friction sensors are another great opportunity. The friction sensor we use at VSI is a Teconner RCM411 which already is using app, bluetooth and smart phone technology to record and track data. We now have the opportunity to potentially interact with that data in real time and allow our spray system to adjust application rates based on surface conditions, which obviously is the ultimate in terms of efficiency and chloride reduction.

    Summarizing, I’ll say it again, the world is running on smart phone, app, cloud and wireless technology, it’s time for small power equipment to do the same and that is the barriers we are breaking down at VSI!
    VSI Spray UnitContact us today to arrange a demo of our new systems or to get more information!
Written by Jordan Smith

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