We see so many liquid de-icing spray booms that put out such a small volume of product that the users must either be traveling 2 mph or they are under applying their anti-icing or de-icing products severely.

At VSI we strongly believe in an open flow boom system. Not only do our spray booms perform to high volumes and speeds, they also cover a large area with our signature pile driver boom and the 3 lane boom spray system. The cool thing about our 3 lane boom is that it covers 3 lanes (28-30 feet of coverage) but the boom itself is only 80” wide, or 100” wide if you opt for that size for a larger flatbed truck.
The 3 boom lanes are controlled independently, so if you are approaching an obstacle on the right, simply turn off the right boom section as you pass it and then turn it back on. If you are driving down a parking lot lane with cars on both sides, just run the middle lane. If you want to treat a sidewalk off to the left, just turn on the left boom. You have full control with the simple flip of a switch.

Our Pile Driver 3 Lane Boom system has dual nozzle options. In the middle you can run a fan nozzle or streams/jets. Typically we would suggest the fan for pre-treat and the jets for post treat.
On each side, there is a small boomless nozzle and a large one. The small one is best suited for pre-treating at rates of 30-50 gallons per acre in normal sized parking lots. The automatic GPS rate control on our spray units are always going to ensure the correct amount of product is being applied per acre, but when performing low application rates at low speeds (under 10mph), the small nozzles help ensure you get your full 10’ of coverage off of each side.
The large one is best suited for post treating at rates of 60-120 gallons per acre or when pre-treating large lots or roadways where speed will regularly exceed 10mph.

One of the fan favorite features of our spray boom is the durability. We all know that when it's the middle of the night and it's icy and the job needs to get done quickly, accidents can happen. We also know that bumping into snow piles while backing up is not uncommon. Most other manufacturers' booms systems are plastic or have plastic nozzle assemblies that will break under even a small load backing into a snow pile or other obstacle. Our pile driver boom is durable to the 10th degree. Even if an operator backs into an unmovable object with force the boom system is durable enough to withstand it. Even if they bend the boom with a strong hit, the boom will continue to work and perform as designed as there are no plastic nozzles to break off. The entire system is made of mild and stainless steel.
Give the Pile Driver a try and see the difference!


Written by Jordan Smith

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