Winter is fast approaching and we are excited to announce our 2020 line of VSI liquid de-icing equipment!

Our Liquid De-Icing sprayers have made exciting advancements for 2020 in that they are now fully wireless (no wiring harness into the cab of the truck.)  The control system is now operated by a smartphone/tablet application, allowing complete control of your spray unit and cloud based tracking for the work that has been done with the spray unit. Not to mention, with the wireless features, install is a snap! Set it on your truck, strap it down, connect to bluetooth and go! Less than 5 minute install.

We are really excited about these updates for so many reasons, but one great benefit to you as the customer of us going to an app based platform is that it gives us the ability to continually improve and update our products software and hardware over cellular/wifi signal. If we update the app, the app store/google play store will update that app on your devices. If we update the firmware for the circuit board, you can connect your circuit board to wifi or your mobile hotspot and update the spray unit over the air.

Check out this quick video highlighting our 2020 models!

We are also excited about the updates to our brine maker for 2020. Its the same reliable mixing system we have used for years, just with an updated mixing hopper that is larger to accommodate more salt and larger loading buckets. A digital salinity readout is standard for 2020 making blending to the proper 23.3% salt brine dummy proof. With production rates of over 3,000 gallons per hour, this unit will keep up with any liquid operation.

It’s not just a brine maker, it also is your central fill station for your spray rigs with the standard manifold system. The manifold system allows you to blend brine and additives while filling your trucks, and then using the standard air purge feature to flush your line so when you disconnect you are not losing valuable product onto the ground and making a mess in your shop.

Check out this video highlighting the 2020 updates to the VSI Brine Maker!

At VSI we build great liquid de-icing equipment, but our true specialty is helping your company integrate liquids into your business. Give us a call or send us a message and we will show you what liquid can do for your business! 

Written by Jordan Smith

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