During this nationwide heatwave it can be hard to think about snow, but in our experience, this is the absolute best time to plan for the upcoming snow season! Especially in a year like this with major supply chain concerns and issues that are disallowing many manufacturers from shipping out completed products in a timely manner.

Our typical sales cycle at VSI shows us there are 4 categories of customers:

1. There are a select few contractors who are able to plan far ahead that order a bulk of their snow equipment in April, May and June. This allows them to get better pricing and rates and often more flexible payment and shipping terms.
Some of these contractors may return and make a follow up order in September or early October if they pick up more new work than expected.

  1. There is a slightly larger percentage of contractors who make their purchases and commitments in July, August and early September. Some of them may still qualify for incentives during this time period, depending on the timing and scope of the order.

  1. There is the largest number of contractors ordering their equipment in late September, October and early November. Typically by this point, any rebates or incentives have dried up, but at least they will likely get their product in time to have setup and ready for the first snowfall. 

  1. Then the final group, who don’t order their equipment until the first forecast of snow hits or they get their snow equipment out of storage and realize some things need to be replaced. They will likely be at the mercy of what is in stock and potential for shipping lead times, especially in a year like this where freight is very over-booked and not easy to procure on short notice.

Typically VSI has been able to accommodate those in categories 3 and 4 as we ramp up production in the early fall to keep plenty of stock and inventory in the late fall and early winter, but with supply chain delays and concerns this year, it is not a certainty. There is no time for us to react if demand exceeds our expectations because many electronic components that our spray systems and brine makers utilize have a 50+ week lead time to procure. Many of you have probably heard about all of the Ford and GM vehicles sitting and waiting for computer chips. The same type of technology and chips are used in our liquid de-icing spray systems and brine makers.
Fortunately we made early orders and commitments on electronic components and will have them in plenty of time for the snow season. Unfortunately, once they are gone, they are gone. We WILL NOT have the ability to re-stock or build additional inventory in season this 2021 season.

For this reason, we are launching our pre-order program that allows you to lock into your desired equipment with only a small $500-$1,500 down payment. See the link below to see our pre-order program and terms.

Genesis Series Pre Order

Legacy Series Pre Order

Metal Pless Plow Pre Order

Written by Ben Linder

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