Most of you probably know that VSI builds a line of Jet Agitated Hydroseeders, but did you know that we also offer a full line of great hydroseeder accessories aw well?

Hose sections, spray guns, spray nozzles as well as hydroseed nutrient and tackifier blends! Check out a direct link to buy our accessories and supplies any time of day or night:

Our hydroseeding accessories and supplies are compatible with all brands of hydroseed machines. To use our hoses, you just need a 1.5” male camlock connection on your machine, or build an adapter to accommodate the 1.5” female cam locks on our hose sections.
Our spray guns and tips likewise use 1.5” cam lock fittings.

Our hydroseeding guns use the highest quality valve assemblies as well as swivel connections so that your hoses don’t get twisted up while dragging and to keep the twisting pressure off of the gun.
Our hydroseeding guns can be found here

Our hydroseeding tips come in 1” 50 degree, 1 ¼” 50 degree and cannon tip style. All have the integrated camlock for super fast and easy changeovers.
The 1” tip works great for trim work and cutting, the 1 ¼” tip works great for open areas and the cannon tip is great for long distance or turret work.

Our hydroseeding hose sections are 50’ in length and utilize high quality 1 ¼” EPDM spray hose, with a 1 ½” male camlock on one end and a 1 ½” female camlock on the other end so they can be quickly and easily daisy chained together. There is no limit to how many hose sections you can connect together, except for whatever your hydroseeder limitations are.  Our hydroseed hose sections can be found here.

Finally, our signature product, TKO: Total Knockout with TKO Tack. This is a killer combo with a super premium nutrient profile and a high quality PAM tackifier. This can be used as a starter fertilizer with your hydroseed slurry as well as a follow up product to continue to push germination and the health of establishing turfgrass.  Our TKO product can be found here.  

Let us know how we can help you with your hydroseed accessory needs by contacting us or shopping our website 24/7. Hydroseed accessories are always in stock and ready to ship unless otherwise indicated on the website. 

Written by Ben Linder

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