When customers want a nice looking lawn they typically will think of laying down sod and having instant results, but having to water 5 times a day. Or your customers might think of broadcast seeding with a push or pull behind spreader, where growing a lawn takes weeks and chances of soil erosion are high. A lot of customers do not even know that more options exist such as drill seeding, straw blanket, and hydroseeding.

When the customer wants the most affordable product with a high quality end result, hydroseeding is the best option.

Some of the benefits of hydroseeding are:

  • Affordable
    • Can be up to a third of the cost of sod.
    • Requires less manpower to get the job done.
  • Fast
    • Hydroseeding is efficient and most times the operator can carry all the supplies they need with them on one trailer.
    • Depending on water source lawns can be sprayed in as little as a few hours
  • Quality
    • Hydroseeding puts the grass seed in the existing soil so there is no shock to the seed from being transplanted.
    • The hydromulch holds the soil in place while the grass germinates.
    • The hydromulch retains moisture for the seeds which means less maintenance from the customer, producing quality lawns with less stress.
    • Water soluble fertilizer mixes right in the tank for an even application.
  • Easier Seeding of Hills, Drop offs, and Ravines
    • Ability to reach out 40'+ with the hydroseed for areas it would be impossible to run a broadcast seeder or place sod.
    • Ravine restorations are a breeze if a customer has an eroding yard, holding the soil in place for hillside mixes to germinate and hold the soil.
  • Easy for the contractor
    • Work is faster and requires less manpower to complete the job.
    • Input costs are reduced over sod.
    • Time consuming stapling of sod and straw blanket is eliminated.
    • No ordering sod and having to installing within a certain time frame.

With all the benefits of hydroseeding it is easy to see why the market is growing so fast. Increasing regulations of erosion control, hydroseeding is becoming the choice of many contractors.

The equipment we offer is field tested and is optimized to make it as easy as possible to help contractors get the job done affordably and quickly.

Call us today for more information or a free quote on our machines!

Written by Jordan Smith

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